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Friday, October 20, 2017

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  • Jedi

    In the following post you will read the drafts of the documentation of our design.A
  • Echani Elite

    “Echani culture held the belief that to know one fully, you must fight them. Echani
  • Royal Guard

    Members of the Royal Guard were hand-picked from the ranks of the most elite stormtroopers.
  • Mandalorians

    (Please note that this is not set in stone. All I have written in here
  • Nightsisters

    “The first Nightsister clan tended to display ruptured blood vessels ( Bruises) on their bodies especially
  • Spec Force

    "Your candidacy for SpecForce training is itself the mark of a superior soldier. Simply having
  • New Items

    We're adding all the items that were introducesd to the game after the major revamps,
  • Community involvement

    Be part of our community, help us shape the future of our galaxy. We will regularly


“The first Nightsister clan tended to display ruptured blood vessels ( Bruises) on their bodies especially around their eyes, a corruption due to constant use of the Dark side of the Force. For unknown reasons, perhaps Imperial Dark Jedi training, this was not true for their later successors. There was no "uniform" for the Nightsisters, and each wore clothing that suited them personally, although most tended towards black robes and cloaks, adorned with tribal jewelry and accessories. Many of them also had unusually pale skin, which was perhaps painted. Nightsisters were known to be able to empower swords and other simple weapons with the Force, making them unbreakable even to lightsabers. They also use their force powers to control Rancors”

Becoming a Nightsister

Nightsister is a Beta/Hero class specially designed for Star Wars Galaxies Emulator by the Darjani Team. In our efforts to give our community more options to enjoy the end-game we’re creating optional classes to work towards through an unlock system similar to the Jedi unlock system.
Like Jedi the Nightsister class has a hybrid unlock system. A player who wishes to unlock a Beta/Hero Class has to collect a set of badges before he can open a Special Character Slot, where he can create a Nightsister character. These badges include every master combat professions based on Brawler and Marksman, some POI and quest badges.
Nightsisters are female) Players may only create female characters if they choose this Beta/Hero class, after unlocking their Special Character Slot. After creating your Nightsister character you first will have to train and master two Brawler based combat professions of your choice. After reaching two masteries you’ll be able to join the Nightsister Ranking System and earn bonus Skill Points that you can spend on two Jedi Professions.

The ways of Nightsisters

Nightsisters are dark side Force users who excel at the Force Powers and Force Healing Jedi skill trees. Their regular combat skills are limited to melee combat professions. A Nightsister may only learn Brawler-based and 2 Jedi Professions, Force Powers and Healer and the Scout basic profession, no other elite, or basic professions.
This is a possible template for a rank9 Nightsister Elder:

Master Brawler
Master Pikeman
Master Fencer
Master Force Powers
Force Healer 4444

Nightsisters are naturally born to be strong with the Force, they are given 1000 points of Force Pool and +25 Force Regeneration from the beginning. Later they receive bonus Force Pool and Regeneration Points as they advance in the Nightsister Ranking System.
Nightsisters can use the Force to enhance any weapon they use, boosting their offensive and defensive skills. This unique buff will become more efficient as a Nightsister advances in the ranks.
At rank4 all Nightsister will be able to complete a series of quests to obtain the skills of taming/mounting wild rancors to use them as their ally in combat. These rancor pets will become stronger as their owner advances in the ranks or as they fight along with their tamer. If you manage to keep a rancor pet for a long time it may become very strong, in time.
A Nightsister character may keep multiple, up to 3, slaves who can be males or females. These slaves may receive temporary dark side Force power skills, if their Master is strong with the force and if they stay with the Master long enough. Slaves may only be regular player characters.
The Nightsister Beta/Hero class is overt by default. Upon creation you may choose rebel, or imperial faction. Later you can switch faction with a time-lock in effect. You will have to wait at least 24 hours (maybe more, this will be discussed with our Community later) before you can switch faction again.
Unique customization will be available through exclusive Nightsister clothing with defensive stats and protection similar to available crafted armor.

The Nightsister Clan - Nightsister Ranking System

Every Nightsister is a member of the clan by birthright. They don’t have to complete trials to enter the Nightsister Ranking System.
Here are the ranks, representative titles, Skill Points and the number of available spots for each rank:
rank0 – Novice – 20SP - Unlimited
rank1 – Initiate – 18SP - Unlimited
rank2 - Sentry – 18SP - Unlimited
rank3 – Ranger – 18SP - Unlimited
rank4 - Rancor Tamer – 18SP - 80
rank5 – Stalker – 17SP - 80
rank6 – Sentinel – 17SP - 40
rank7 - Spell Weaver – 17SP - 40
rank8 – Protector – 17SP - 40
rank9 – Elder – 17SP - 20
rank10 - Council Woman – 1SP - 11
rank11 - Grand Matron – 0SP – 1

Nightsisters can advance in their ranks by earning Ranking XP through PvP action and by completing live event tasks.
If a Nightsister has enough XP to advance in rank but the rank above her's is full she may start a Trial of Treason against anyone in that rank above her rank. If both the challenging and challenged Nightsister agree, they can decide the outcome by either a duel, supervised by high ranked Nightsister, or they can initiate a vote. In this case the Elders, rank9 and above, will decide which one of them is worthy of the higher rank.

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