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Friday, October 20, 2017

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  • Jedi

    In the following post you will read the drafts of the documentation of our design.A
  • Echani Elite

    “Echani culture held the belief that to know one fully, you must fight them. Echani
  • Royal Guard

    Members of the Royal Guard were hand-picked from the ranks of the most elite stormtroopers.
  • Mandalorians

    (Please note that this is not set in stone. All I have written in here
  • Nightsisters

    “The first Nightsister clan tended to display ruptured blood vessels ( Bruises) on their bodies especially
  • Spec Force

    "Your candidacy for SpecForce training is itself the mark of a superior soldier. Simply having
  • New Items

    We're adding all the items that were introducesd to the game after the major revamps,
  • Community involvement

    Be part of our community, help us shape the future of our galaxy. We will regularly

Spec Force

"Your candidacy for SpecForce training is itself the mark of a superior soldier. Simply having been accepted into the Special Forces training program is a mark of a trooper's superior qualities.
Our washout rate is extremely high and MANY Alliance Regular troopers are SpecForce washouts.
Candidates should not decline to take our Exams because there is no stigma attached to such failure. In fact, most failed Candidates go on to have very successful careers within the Regular Alliance Military. Their careers aren't as exciting, rewarding or as vital to the Rebel Cause but they are successful.
Then again, you shouldn't worry about that because you aren't going to fail, correct?
I can't HEAR you Candidate!"
- From the standard acceptance holo sent to SpecForc Candidates

Rebel SpecForces should not be confused with Rebel Spec Ops.
While SpecForces are the cream of the crop of the Rebel Active Duty Military, SpecOps members are drawn from both Civilian and Military personnel to serve as the elite spies of the Rebels.
In fact, SpecForces often mention Special Operations agents as impassioned amateurs who rely on luck to complete their missions. Likewise, SpecOps agents tend to regard their counterparts as a group of arrogant, over-trained grunts who have the over inflated opinions of their own importance, to match. Against any attempts of the Galactic Empire and Vader, or even the emperor, the Rebel SpecForce is still the most successful military unit in the galaxy.

Although the Rebel SpecForces will never have great numbers, they are the Rebel Military's answer to the numerous Dark Trooper Squads of the Empire.

SpecForce soldiers are specifically selected for their high skill, bravery, morale, stealth ability, adaptability. and dedication to the Rebel Cause. Candidates push these skills to their limits during their SpecForce Assessment and Selection Tests. These Top Secret exams are NEVER spoken of, outside of the SpecForces family. The ex-imperial commando Han Solo’s, or Luke Skywalker’s skills set the standards for them.

Unlock: Master all combat professions and collect history and combat related badges
Species - Any
Gender - Any
Faction – Rebel Only
Switch Faction - Never
Overt – From Creation
Must Train -
Master Brawler / Master Marksman / Master Commando

Able to Train
- Any Combat Professions
- Force Defender / Force Healer / Force Enhancement

Focus – Elite Commando / Close Quarters Combat Specialists
Specials - Special Armor, Weapons and Vehicles.

Base Force Pool – 1000
Base Force Regeneration – 25

Entering the Ranking System – Set of Quests (Supervised by a SpecForces Senior Officer)
Ranking XP earned through – PvP, Live Events and GCW Objectives

Ranking System

rank0 – Recruit – 20SP - Unlimited
rank1 – Private – 10SP - Unlimited
rank2 – Corporal – 10SP - Unlimited
rank3 – Sergeant – 10SP - Unlimited
rank4 – Master Sergeant – 10SP – 80
rank5 – Sergeant Major – 10SP - 80
rank6 – Lieutenant – 10SP - 40
rank7 – Captain – 10SP - 40
rank8 – Major – 10SP - 40
rank9 – Colonel – 10SP - 20
rank10 – General – 10SP - 11
rank11 – Commanding General – 1SP – 1

The SpecForce will receive the following items:

Rank 0 – Special SpecForce Armor Set MK1, SpecForces Super Heavy Blaster Rifle OR Carbine (Player Choice)
Rank 1 – Wilderness Camo Pattern Kit
Rank 2 – SpecForces Armored Speeder
Rank 3 – Desert Camo Pattern Kit
Rank 4 – SpecForces Super Heavy Flame Thrower
Rank 5 – Snow Camo Pattern Kit
Rank 6 – SpecForces Armored Multi-passenger vehicle
Rank 7 – Urban Camo Pattern Kit
Rank 8 – Special SpecForce Armor Set MK2, SpecForces Super Heavy Rocket Launcher
Rank 9 – SpecForces Super Heavy Demolitions Pack

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