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Friday, October 20, 2017

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    In the following post you will read the drafts of the documentation of our design.A
  • Echani Elite

    “Echani culture held the belief that to know one fully, you must fight them. Echani
  • Royal Guard

    Members of the Royal Guard were hand-picked from the ranks of the most elite stormtroopers.
  • Mandalorians

    (Please note that this is not set in stone. All I have written in here
  • Nightsisters

    “The first Nightsister clan tended to display ruptured blood vessels ( Bruises) on their bodies especially
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    "Your candidacy for SpecForce training is itself the mark of a superior soldier. Simply having
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    We're adding all the items that were introducesd to the game after the major revamps,
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In the following post you will read the drafts of the documentation of our design.

A few important notes before the begin:
-It is not we, who are developing SWGEmu, that's why we don't know when will the Jedi Class be fully playable, or when will even the game be playable.
-The primary HAM stats will be more, than it were in the old pre-cu system, and the buffs for primary HAM will be less efficient. Secondary HAM stats will remain around the same amounts, as those were in pre-CU. Wounds can only take half of the health, what will be around 2500 points plus buffs.
-XP requirements for classes might change, we dont want anyone to become a Teras Kasi Master in 2 days.
-Every player is allowed to have only one account, and only 1 Special Character Slot/account is available.
-If we reach unprogramable or uncodable points of the jedi system, we will utilize our GM's to manage these sub-systems.

The secrets of becoming a Jedi


Basicly you will have to collect a set of badges, some of those badges will be announced and some will be random for every character. You get badges for mastering professions, completing quests, achievements, visiting POI's.
Details on how to earn these badges:
-Mastering of all combat professions and 2 crafting professions.
-The completion of the Aurilian Village quests and phases on your main character.
-The Old Man will only visit you, if you have earned a given set of badges and your pvp rating reaches 1600 - this is a one time achievement, your rating can go below it again.
-The Aurillian village quests can be done simultaneously beside mastering professions. We will review the XP requirements and ease or harden them where needed.
-The Force Sensitive skills achieved in the village will NOT require skill points to spend on.
-The Jedi Initiate trial will be renamed, and after completing it a new "Force Sensitive Character Slot", or "Special Character Slot" will be opened and you will be able to create your new jedi character there.

Creating and playing a jedi character

-Upon creating a Jedi character on your Special Character Slot, you will be able to pick the Force Sensitive Skills you desire for your character.
-Jedi must first master a Melee Combat Profession and another elite Combat Profession. After you have the 2 Master Combat professions, you'll be able to complete your Padawan Trial.
-After completing the Padawan Trial your jedi receives 250 SP, but you can only spend those on Jedi Professions and skills and your non-jedi skills will be frozen, you wont be able to change those anymore.

An example for a Knight Trial ready padawan's template:
Master TKA
Master Rifleman
Master Lightsabers
Master Enhancer
4404 Healer
-A jedi can choose from the following basic and elite Combat Professions: Brawler, Marksman, Scout, Teras Kasi, Fencer, Swordsman, Pikeman, Pistoleer, Carbineer, Rifleman, Commando, Bounty Hunter, Squad Leader. You may not learn any skills based on the Artisan, Entertainer and Medic basic professions.

The life of a Jedi in the Darjani Galaxy

-Every Master profession skill will require a completion of a quest.
-Every FRS Jedi MUST STRICTLY follow the orders of higher ranked Jedi. Who does not comply will be dismissed from the order.
-The GM team will provide quests from time to time and the completion of these will be highest ranked Jedi's task.
-Until the FRS wont be populated by players, Game Masters will play the higher ranked jedi to help the new FRS members.
-Jedi dismissed from the FRS will be able to keep some of their powers. They can keep some SP(around 30) each for the Guardian, Master and Chancellor boxes and have to drop a few skills.
-Light Jedi can not behave as non-jedi. 1337 talk, like "pwned", griefing, whining, cursing, attacking without reason are not allowed. These behaviors will be punished. Light Jedi must support the Rebellion both in PvP and PvE.
-Dark Jedi are allowed to behave as every villain. However they are prohibited to use the 1337 talk, or fool language. Attacking without a reason will also be punished, cause who have seen a Dark Jedi fighting unworthy opponents.
-Both Light and Dark Jedi Council will be given hints and missions to interfere the other side.
-In the FRS, the XP comes from PvP, grinding with the padawan, teaching skills to a padawan and accomplished missions. At death the Jedi wont loose any FRS XP.
-Light Jedi will elect the higher ranks, Dark Jedi will duel in the presence of a higher ranked Dark Jedi.
-In the FRS the dark jedi will get bonuses for Force Powers and Lightsabers, while Light Jedi will get for Enhancer and Healer.
-The Jedi will loose Jedi XP upon death, the amount is not clarified yet.
-If a Jedi dies, he can be permanently killed in 48 hours - Perma Death!
To avoid this log out for that 48 hours:)
-The Jedi lightsabers damage will be double of the pre-cu amount. 1000 instead of 500.
-Jedi will be a real alpha class. Strong and hard to kill. However we do not want too many of them, so if any non-jedi kills a Jedi can expect great rewards(money, trophies, etc...)
-Our goal is that reaching a rank 11 chancellor or overlord(being as powerful as Yoda or Palpatine) position would take 1 year at least, reaching a Jedi Knight level at least six months.
-Jedi must do the minimum Role Play.
-Jedi are allowed to own: 1 PA hall or 1 big house or 2 small houses, 1 spaceship, one pet, no harvester, no factory, not anything else.
- Forcerun fix: FR1: no damage reduction, FR2: no damage reduction(considering -20%), FR3: -40% damage reduction

Darjani Force Ranking System

Fist of all, this is just a design, it may change, or be altered in the future. If some of the features can’t be automated, then we shall do these manually. In that case high ranked jedi player will be given the responsibility and powers to grant some of these powers to the lower level FRS members. Their actions will be monitored by the Darjani CSR Team.

The idea behind this design is to grant the highest level of enjoyment to those few (hundred) players, who put the effort and time into reaching the ultimate goal of the game, the Alpha Class, jedi.
To open your special character slot you will have to master all the full combat profession, not semi-combat professions and two crafter professions, then you can decide if you create a beta class character, or go on to the Aurillian Village and work for the Alpha Class. If you decide to create a Beta Class character, you wont be able to go for jedi, unless you delete your beta class character.
The beta classes will have similar Ranking Systems to FRS, beta classes will become significantly stronger by reaching higher ranks in their own Ranking Systems.
Both Alpha and beta Classes will have to train and master two Regular Combat Professions, then Force Sensitive Beta Class characters and Alpha Class characters will receive more Skill Points to train Jedi professions, the non-Force Sensitive Beta Class character will be able to learn more regular Combat Professions.

And now to the main subject, to the Darjani Force Ranking System.
Entering the FRS is the real end-game content for jedi players. After completing the Knight Trials, the jedi player will become permamently overt rebel, or imperial.


FRS XP will be earned by
- killing members of any other Ranking Systems, including the Bounty Hunters Guild and the Teras Kasi Order, who can also take bounty missions for jedi players.
- receiving Jedi Experience while grouped with a Padawan.
- completing Jedi Order quests(CSR’s will assign these missions), these quests will be destroy, assist and defend type missions integrated into our weekly player events.

The FRS upkeep costs will be reduced compared to the original pre-CU FRS, even casual players will be able to keep their ranks.

The master/padawan relation

To earn rank4, jedi players have to train a padawan. To earn rank9 jedi player have to train another padawan. The FRS member jedi can choose a padawan and mark him/her by giving the padawan a holocron(jedi/sith). The FRS member jedi becomes the master of the chosen jedi player and they establish a master/padawan relation. An FRS member is allowed to train up to 3 padawan simultaneously. Training a padawan means, that the master will help the padawan to complete the Padawan Trial, they complete the Master Jedi profession quests together and finally the Knight Trial. Once a padawan has completed the Knight Trial, the master/padawan relation ends.

Special FRS Classes and modifiers

With each Rank the jedi will receive 12(*11) extra jedi SP, that can be spent only on Jedi Professions.
We are creating a multipath FRS, where FRS members can choose to be Jedi Sentinel/Dark Jedi Enforcer , Jedi Guardian/Dark Jedi Bladeborn, Jedi Conselor/Dark Templar at rank4.
FRS members can choose to be Jedi Weapon Master/Sith Marauder, Jedi Master/Sith Master, Jedi Arbiter/Sith Opressor at rank9. Every Special FRS Class gives different modifiers and have jedi profession requirements, a must have jedi profession.
The original FRS rank titles and FRS modifiers will be removed.
Each Special FRS Class will receive bonus modifiers to their must have Jedi Professions, skills in those profession will cost less force and will be more effective.

The profession requirements for Special FRS Classes:
- Jedi Sentinel(light at rank4) – Master Force Enhancer
- Jedi Guardian(light at rank4) – Master Force Defender
- Jedi Consular(light at rank4) – Master Force Healer
- Dark Jedi Enforcer(dark at rank4) – Master Force Enhancer
- Dark Jedi Bladeborn(dark at rank4) – Master Force Defender
- Dark Jedi Templar(dark at rank4) – Master Force Powers
- Jedi Weapon Master(light at rank9) – Master Lightsabers, Master Force Defender
- Jedi Sage Master(light at rank9) – Master Force Enhancer, Master Force Healer
- Jedi Watchman(light at rank9) – Master Force Enhancer, Master Force Defender
- Sith Marauder(dark at rank9) – Master Lightsaber, Master Defender
- Sith Master(dark at rank9) – Master Force Healer, Master Force Powers
- Sith Assasin(dark at rank9) – Master Force Enhancer, Master Force Powers

The three basic type of FRS jedi will receive different overall modifiers.
- Jedi Sentinel/Dark Jedi Enforcer and Jedi Arbiter/Sith Opressor classes will have balanced force and defense abilities
- Jedi Guardian/Dark Jedi Bladeborn and Jedi Weapon Master/Sith Marauder classes will have great defenses and offensive modifiers, but will have less force regeneration and maximum force power.
- Jedi Conselor/Dark Templar and Jedi Master/Sith Master classes will have high force regeneration rates and maximum force power.

FRS ranking
Here is the detailed table of the limits for each rank:
rank0: unlimited
rank1: unlimited
rank2: unlimited
rank3: unlimited
rank4: unlimited
rank5: 20
ank6: 20
ank7: 20
rank8: 12
rank9: 12
-rank10: 11
-rank11: Game Master played

If the higher ranks are full, Dark Jedi will have to challenge an another Dark Jedi in the rank right above theirs to take his/her seat. The two FRS members have to duel, whoever wins the duel, can keep, or take the higher rank. The duels will be overseen by Dark Council members.
In the Light Jedi FRS when a challenge happens it will be followed by voting among the challenged Light Jedi's rank members. The Council can choose to demote, or promote anyone, their actions will be however monitored by the CSR Team.
Until the higher ranks are filled with players the CSR Team will roleplay the higher ranked Jedi FRS members.
No player may take rank11, the Chancellor/Overlord seat. Should we find an outstanding player who will be assigned to rank11, in this position he/she will have to cooperate closely with our CSR Team and have to be roleplay ON, ALL THE TIME!(ie. that player would have to roleplay Luke Skywalker from one point)

Lightsaber construction revamp

By the time the emulator is done, we should be able to fully understand and modifiy the schematics, so here is what we plan to change about lightsaber crafting, new lightsaber and lightsaber part schematics will be added.
Crafting your lightsaber is one of the most important things in the life of a jedi, therefore we think it should be more in depth.
Crafting a lightsaber will require creating the components of the lightsaber, then assemble them.

The components:

• A Handgrip (component of the Hilt)
• An Activation Stud Plate (component of the Hilt)
• A Safety Switch (component of the Hilt)
• An Emitter Matrix (final component)
• A Lens Assembly (final component)
• A Power Cell (component of the power unit)
• A Power Conduit (component of the power unit)
• A Recharge Socket (component of the power unit)
• One to four Focusing Crystals (not crafted)

The crafted components for the final assembly:

- Power Unit: Power Cell + Power Conduit + Recharge Socket
- Hilt: Handgrip + Activation Stud Plate + Safety Switch
- Lens
- Emitter

When you have crafted all the components for the final assembly, you are ready to craft the lightsaber you can equip and use.

Those who enter into a Master/Padawan relation will have another option, the Master will be able to craft and give his/her Padawan a Training Lightsaber – the Training Lightsabers will be excusively crafted by those Jedi who are high enough in ranks to accept a Padawan.
For those who do not wish to enter into a Master/Padawan relation will have to find a Lightsaber Schematic somewhere in the galaxy and if they have enough skill, they can craft their lightsaber.

To find the crystals you will use in your lightsaber you will have to adventure to the toughest places of the galaxy and risk your life to get them.

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