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Imperial Royal Guard

Members of the Royal Guard were hand-picked from the ranks of the most elite stormtroopers. Each recruit was scrutinized to fit select size, strength, intelligence and loyalty requirements, as well as latent Force sensitivity. Recruits strong but not too strong in the Force were noted and pulled aside to test into a special class of Royal Guards known as Sovereign Protectors. If they passed these even more rigorous tests, they were trained by Dark Jedi to wield the Force. The names of the Royal Guardsmen were never uttered by anyone outside the Guard, including Palpatine.

Equipment and training were lavished upon them at the Imperial Royal Guard Academy on Yinchorr. Students would train fencing and fighting in an arena called the Squall. Classes consisted of approximately forty students each, and trainees were partnered up into doubles. During a yearlong training program, recruits sparred against each other continuously to perfect their combat skills. A step away from the squad-based stormtrooper training received on Carida, by working both alone and in pairs, recruits learned how to rely on themselves or on a teammate to achieve victory. Training mainly centered on Echani hand-to-hand combat, and failure often resulted in death.

Unlocking Royal Guards

The Royal Guards are higly trained elite unit serving and answering directly to the Emperor.
In order to unlock your Special Character Slot for Imperial Guard you will have to master every single combat professions on your main character(the first character you create) and you will have to collect history and combat related badges. This unlock method is similar to the Jedi Unlock System, but it requires less time and efforts.

The life of Royal Guards

Once you unlocked you will be able to create a human character. Your Imperial Guard Beta/Hero character will be overt imperial from the second he was born. Royal Guards are chosen by the Emperor from Force Sensitive Imperial Stormtroopers, so they will have an initial Force Pool of 1000 and with a Force Regeneration of 25. First you will have to master the Pikeman and any other Combat Profession, then you can enter the Imperial Guard Ranking System and you may choose to train another regular Combat Profession and a Jedi Profession, or two Jedi Professions. You may choose from two Jedi Professions: Force Defender and Force Powers.

Here are two possible template alternatives for the Imperial Royal Guard Beta/Hero Class at rank9:
1. Master Brawler
Master Fencer
Master Pikeman
Master Force Powers
Force Defender 4444

2. Master Marksman
Master Pikeman
Master Carbineer
Master Teras Kasi
Master Defender

Ranking System

Entering the Ranks will be somewhat hard compared to other Hero Classes. During the final test trainees will be fighting each other till death before Emperor Palpatine and only the bests may enter the ranks of the Royal Guards. This final test will be a last man standing. Players may repeat this final test as many times until they succeed.
Here are the ranks and representative titles, Skill Points and the number of available spots for each ranks:

rank0 – Royal Guardsman 4th Rate – 20SP - Unlimited
rank1 – Royal Guardsman 3rd Rate – 18SP - Unlimited
rank2 – Royal Guardsman 2nd Rate– 18SP - Unlimited
rank3 – Royal Guardsman 1st Rate – 18SP - Unlimited
rank4 – Sovereign Protector 4th Rate – 18SP - 80
rank5 – Sovereign Protector 3rd Rate – 17SP - 80
rank6 – Sovereign Protector 2nd Rate– 17SP - 40
rank7 - Sovereign Protector 1st Rate– 17SP - 40
rank8 – Sovereign Sentinel – 17SP - 40
rank9 – Sovereign Shadowguard – 17SP - 20
rank10 – Royal Guard Captain – 1SP - 11
rank11 –Royal Guard Commander– 0SP – 1

The Imperial Royal Guards will advance in ranks by earning faction points and testing their skills against each other. A lower ranked Imperial Royal Guard may challenge anyone one rank above him, to take his place. Duels will be held in front of a high ranking Royal Guard who will supervise the event. This supervisor, mostly rank9, or above will have a right to define the way and settings of the duel.
A 3. Beta/Hero Class : Imperial Royal Guards

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