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    Today is a historical day for Darjani.org. Playtesting has begun on our test server. The StarForge is still in closed
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Friday, October 20, 2017

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  • Jedi

    In the following post you will read the drafts of the documentation of our design.A
  • Echani Elite

    “Echani culture held the belief that to know one fully, you must fight them. Echani
  • Royal Guard

    Members of the Royal Guard were hand-picked from the ranks of the most elite stormtroopers.
  • Mandalorians

    (Please note that this is not set in stone. All I have written in here
  • Nightsisters

    “The first Nightsister clan tended to display ruptured blood vessels ( Bruises) on their bodies especially
  • Spec Force

    "Your candidacy for SpecForce training is itself the mark of a superior soldier. Simply having
  • New Items

    We're adding all the items that were introducesd to the game after the major revamps,
  • Community involvement

    Be part of our community, help us shape the future of our galaxy. We will regularly

New Items

We're adding all the items that were introducesd to the game after the major revamps, namely CU and NGE and tweaking those to fit in with th original concept and design for SWG.


  • New houses:
  • AT-AT House 
  • Barn
  • Commando Bunker
  • Diner
  • Emperor's Spire
  • Jedi meditation
  • Room Sith meditation Room
  • Muunilinst Relaxation Pool
  • vehicle Garage
  • Rebel Spire
  • Starship Hangar
  • V.I.P Bunker
  • Kashyyyk Tree House
  • Jabba's Sail Barge
  • Cloud City House
  • Yoda's Dagobah hut
  • YT-1300 House


  • New Vehicles:
  • Advanced STAP-1
  • Air-2 Racing Swoop
  • Anakin's Radon-Ulzer Podracer
  • AT-RT
  • AT-ST
  • AT-XT
  • Balta-Trabaat BT310 Podracer
  • Muunilinst Relaxation Pool
  • BARC Command Vehicle
  • Basilisk War Droid
  • Light Bending BARC Speeder
  • Light Bending Gasgano Podracer
  • BARC Speeder
  • FG 8T8-Twin Block2 Special Podracer
  • Flare S Swoop
  • Geonosian Speeder
  • GPE-3130 Podracer
  • Hover Chair
  • IPG-X1131 LongTail Engine Podracer
  • Mechno Chair
  • Mustafarian Panning Droid
  • Ord Pedrovia Podracer
  • Sith Speeder
  • STAP-1
  • A1 Deluxe Floater
  • AB-1 Landspeeder
  • AV-21 Landspeeder
  • Flash Speeder
  • Koro-2 Exodrive Airspeeder
  • Lava Skiff
  • RIC-920 Rickshaw
  • Swamp Speeder
  • X-31 Landspeeder
  • X-34 Landspeeder
  • XJ-2 Airspeeder
  • XJ-6 Airspeeder
  • XP-38 Landspeeder
  • Tsmeu-6 Personal Wheel Bike
  • USV-5 Modified Landspeeder
  • Hover Lifter Speeder
  • V-35 Landspeeder
  • Senate Pod
  • Desert Skiff
  • Tantive IV Landspeeder
  • Advanced Tantive IV Landspeeder

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