Friday, October 20, 2017

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What is SWGEmu?

SWGEmu stands for Star Wars Galaxies Emulat/ion/or/ing. It is an attempt, by various groups of people, to create a code that replicates (or emulates) the style and playing of the game Star Wars Galaxies. PreCU patch 13 (with some elements of patch 14) is the main focus of the SWGEmu Teams. Many players of the Original Star Wars Galaxies game have felt a great decline in any pleasure from playing the game ever since either the CU and/or the NGE was released and finally the game was shut down on the 25th of december in 2011. This has greatly increased the popularity of SWGEmu, as people wish to play any form of the game, as it existed before, Combat Upgrade and New Game Enhancement debacles.


How can I play on your server?

The StarForge, an emulator test server run by Darjani is currently in a closed testing phase. If you're an active community member, then you'll receive an invitation - later on there will be an application posted on our website to become a closed tester.


How can I become a Jedi?

The StarForge has a unique unlock system. Every player has a chance to open his, or her Force Sensitive Character Slot while playing his, or her regular character. The unlock is based on a random checklist generated for every character and on individual actions the player does with his character in-game. Details of the unlock system may never be revealed.


Why are you called Darjani?

Where the Taikaha rivers bend close to each other on Dantooine, you find the orange plains of Darjani. The Darjani Plains is an actual in-game area created by LucasArts. The players who established the first player city in the Starsider Galaxy named their new home Darjani. The same players are behind this website. The player city was chosen as one of the 10 most beautiful player cities in Star Wars Galaxies.


How long will you keep the servers online?

The StarForge and any other galaxies we may launch will stay online as long as there are players logging in. was started in july 2006, we are here for the long run.


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